Heart and Lung Transplantation

UF thoracic and cardiovascular surgeons perform all aspects of thoracic organ transplantation. The heart and lung transplant programs consist of well-organized, multispecialty teams for pediatric and adult transplants. UF surgeons perform 40-50 heart transplants and 40-50 lung transplants each year at Shands at UF medical center in Gainesville, Fla. Both adult and heart and lung programs are among the top 10 most active and successful programs in the United States.

Heart Transplantation

The Cardiac Transplantation Program works as a team, with active involvement from experts in cardiothoracic surgery, transplantation, immunology, cardiology, pulmonology and pathology, as well as support from clinical psychology, social services, chaplain services, nursing personnel and dietary services. This team concept has fostered excellence in patient care, as well as a diverse and active academic research program on both the clinical and basic science levels. Heart transplantation-related clinical specialties include, Ventricular assist devices (VAD). A variety of VADs are used as a bridge to transplantation and recovery of the heart, as well as destination therapy. Participation in FDA approved experimental drug and device trials is available if appropriate.

Lung Transplantation

The lung transplant program in the state of Florida, started at Shands Hospital in 1994. Since the program’s inception, physicians have successfully performed more than 500 lung transplant operations, including the first adult, first pediatric and first heart-lung transplants in Florida, the first re-transplant in the state and the first transplant for ventilator dependent patients.

UF surgeons are part of a multidisciplinary team of skilled physicians and health care providers in pulmonary medicine, thoracic surgery, anesthesia, pathology, radiology, pharmacy, nursing, research coordination, social work, physical therapy, psychology and financial planning. Learn more by visiting the Florida Lung Transplant Center.

Combined Heart/Lung Transplantation

Combined heart/lung transplantation is also available for appropriate patients. This is the only center in Florida performing the full spectrum of thoracic organ transplantation.

Pediatric Heart and Lung Transplantation

Pediatric heart transplants are performed for congenital or acquired diseases from birth through adulthood. UF’s Congenital Heart Center, is the only program in Florida approved by the Department of Health and Rehabilitative Services for pediatric heart transplantation. Pediatric lung transplants are performed for many acquired diseases, especially cystic fibrosis and ventilator dependent conditions.

Patient Referrals

Referrals for pediatric lungs can be made at 352-265-0111 extension 45884, pediatric hearts at 352-265-0111 and ask for pediatric heart transplant coordinator, and for adult lung transplant referrals call 352-265-0111 extension 58940 or locally at 352-265-8940. For adult heart transplant or heart failure referral call 1-877-743-2782 or locally 352-265-0498.

For information on abdominal transplants, please visit our Division of Transplantation.